• In the light of the seismic studies, underground salt layers suitable for the storage of natural gas and accepted in the world have appropriate thickness, depth and amount in the project site,
  • The Project Site is close to the Adana-Tarsus 40-inch BOTAŞ Natural Gas Pipeline in the region,
  • Close and sufficient water resources to meet the fresh water requirement in the leaching process for the formation of underground salt kaverna’s,
  • Close to land, sea and air transportation lines,
  • The emission values around the facility meet the legal limits under the current weather conditions,
  • Commercial compatibility (size of physical and infrastructure investments and cost-effective land prices),
  • Suitable climate characteristics,
  • The topography and altitude of the Project Site is suitable for the installation of a such storage facility,
  • The high local labor opportunities in Adana-Mersin region as shown in the 2016 statistics (Source: Turkish Republic Prime Ministry Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) Address Based Population Registration System (ABPRS) 2016) and as understood by the observations for the region.